farewell park jimin stans~

farewell park jimin stans~

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Anonymous: Thank you so much you're so kind! <3 yea hopefully I can remember I also hope they don't feel bad because "I unfollowed" them... :"3 (I have a terrible memory though hahaha oh well I'll be fine) /sniffles (btw I love the name "rise of anons" it's awesome! and so are you v^-^v) thanks for listening to me it means a lot! <333

aw, anytime! i love talking with all of you. and thank you! i actually didn’t pick the title, my followers did! i’m glad you like it (p.s: you are even more awesome)

it’s bts style!

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Anonymous: Hello~ today was not a good day for me sadly ;_; but I hope it was for you! ^^ also today dumb tumblr unfollowed around ten people/blogs and how will I EVER remember who those awesome people were?? It sucks so much because I obviously followed them for a good reason! ;_; oh dear I'm so emotional today /cries

oh no, i hear that happens pretty often on here, and i’m sorry it’s happened to you. i hope you’ll be able to remember at least a few of them (if not all of them) eventually *hugs you tightly* i hope tomorrow will be a much better day for you 

… jeongguk

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Anonymous: i ordered new glasses today ^_^ i'm super excited except for the fact that i keep getting more and more blind //cries// how was your day my dear? be sure to have a good sleep so that you're nice and refreshed for tmr. also, for some reason i find your url name frickin hilarious.

aw, i hope your glasses are super duper cute to make you feel better about it! my day was great! how was yours? ah, my sleeping schedule has been so out of whack the past few days (i went 36 hours with only two hours of sleep earlier this week, eep) but i promise i’ll work on it and will sleep well tonight. haha, i’m glad you do ^^

koreantwinks: Im not an anon! but i just wanna say! as a girl whos ultimate bias is Namjoon i love your blog gurl! its perfect! my love for him grows fonder every damn day and i cant stop thinking about him! and i feel like u can relate :") hehe

ah, hello there! i’ve read your fan accounts of meeting the boys, you are such a lucky girl! i feel you so much, omg (and thank you!)